Free intro session

If what you’ve read so far resonates with you then please get in touch. I offer a free introductory session over the phone. Sometimes I offer a face to face intro session instead. This session will last around half an hour and will give us the chance to get a feel for one another. You will have some time to tell me a little about why you’ve decided to seek a counsellor and I will ask some straightforward questions which will help me to assess whether I’m the right counsellor for you.

After you’ve had a chance to reflect on this first meeting you may decide I’m not the right person to accompany you on this important journey you’ve chosen to take. It’s also possible I may feel that another counsellor is better suited to be your companion on this journey. This might be because I feel you would benefit from working with someone who specialises in a particular area, such as trauma.

This is important because it is the quality of the relationship we will build together which will be the key factor in enabling you to begin growing in the direction you want to. We both need to be able to put our trust and faith in the relationship in order to create the right conditions for this to happen.

If, after the introductory session, you decide you would like to work with me then our subsequent meetings will cost £40 for a fifty minute session.

Contact me to arrange a free introductory telephone session »