Blessings by David Whyte

The words, sounds and images in this short film weave together to create something that touches me deeply, deeply, and gives me consolation at this time of crisis and uncertainty.

I have watched it about a dozen times now, and this morning for the first time this year. As I watched I saw out of the corner of my eye the blue tits returning to the bird feeder outside my living room window for the first time since last summer when my neighbour chopped down the tree that was growing nearby. In those moments I was touched by the meaning of the words of David Whyte’s Blessing poems, the everyday miracles that can sustain us if we allow ourselves to listen carefully enough, to see with our eyes fully open.

As this article explains, the music in the film contains elements taken from one of the oldest audio recordings ever made of traditional Irish music, recordings made on wax cylinders over 110 years ago.